John Cage & Merce Cunningham


I came across this photo taken during the John Cage-Merce Cunningham Summer Residency at Goldsmiths College in 1980. N.B. The ‘Trinity Laban’ label is a misleading rewrite of history.

I was fortunate to be invited to attend the summer school as a graduate composer, though we musicians spent most mornings dancing. Cage was enigmatic, but generous, often smiling and laughing while in the company of Cunningham (see top right corner, above). In this photo, I’m lurking at the very back of the hall behind some electronic music equipment.

The setup below was typical of the time, though now we can do all that sound processing and more with just a laptop.


More at link though watch out for the continuing avoidance of credit to Goldsmiths music department. History is written by the media archivists, it seems.