Professor David Burnand is an Anglo-Irish performer, composer and sound designer. He writes on a range of musical subjects, including film music, music theory and the training of composers. David has also written a novel set in his hometown of Brighton.

Publications include:

Music and sound design for Cette sale terre (FilmFour 2001); DVD and soundtrack CD releases by FilmFour 2004 and ED 2007.
‘Reasons Why Film Music is Held in Low Regard: a British Perspective’, Brio, 39/1, 2002.
The major music articles and several composer biographies in The Encyclopedia of British Film, ed. B. McFarlane, Methuen/BFI, 2003.
‘Tarkovsky’s Gift’, Soundscape, eds. L. Sider, D. Freeman & J. Sider, Wallflower Press, 2003.
‘Fast and Cheap? The Film Music of John Carpenter’, The Cinema of John Carpenter, eds I. Conrich & D. Woods, Wallflower Press, 2004.
‘Scoring This Filthy Earth’, European Film Music, eds M. Mera & D. Burnand, Ashgate, 2006.
Stolen Hours, iBook novel 2013 link
Early Jazz Theory, iBook 2013 link
Playing the Blues Scale, iBook 2017 link