Attending a musicology conference recently, I was reminded of how many dodgy handshakes one can get on such occasions. In my case, unreciprocated, I assure you.

It is estimated that there are around six million Freemasons in the world today. Most live in English-speaking countries, but their influence is global. Whatever other motivations individuals may have, members of ‘the craft’ knowingly join a secretive and powerful elite. The public face of Freemasonry presents a supportive and charitable bunch of like-minded chaps. Yet–ignoring the many distorted conspiracy theories–there is ample evidence to demonstrate that Freemasonry is exploited to corrupt the police and the judiciary, for example.

The United Grand Lodge of England is openly recruiting university students to Freemasonry, no doubt encouraged by many of their tutors. Shame on them and shame on the Grand Master, HRH the Duke of Kent.

However …


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