No Rights to The Rite

David Patrick’s brilliant adaptation of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring is no longer available, and the associated tour cancelled, following the threat of a bankrupting lawsuit by UK publishers Boosey & Hawkes. The Amazon CD review reads:

This stunning reworking for jazz octet of Igor Stravinsky’s masterwork retains all of the themes and most of the exquisite orchestration of the original composition. Improvisational sections appear organically out of Stravinsky’s score, allowing band members to be featured as individual soloists as the piece unfolds. Newspaper critics have described live performances of The Rite as “a triumph” and “a brash and brilliant homage”. With personnel drawn from Scotland, England and Germany, this international group is a world-class ensemble, completely at ease with each other and this incredibly complex music. David Patrick’s stylish contemporary piano playing has always worked hand in hand with his arranging and composition skills, whether writing for the dark contemporary edge of The Scottish Jazz Composers’ Orchestra, the smooth swing-feel of singers such as Todd Gordon, Carol Kidd and Jacqui Dankworth, or the avant-garde German cabaret performances of Kurt Weill obsessive singer-actor Bremner Duthie. The Times of London described Patrick’s arrangements as “exquisitely crafted throughout” and the BBC reported that “his virtuosity at the keyboard is matched only by his skills as an arranger and composer of the highest calibre”.

Ironic, given Stravinsky’s boast that mature composers steal (itself not an original assertion). See links below.

That bassoon opening

Stravinsky borrowings

Fortunately, I downloaded David Patrick’s album before the take-down.

Maybe jazz enthusiasts should boycott B&H.


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