John Harle – The Saxophone

Some reactions to John Harle’s new two-volume study of the saxophone:

  • “John is a consummate musician and saxophonist, and all the expertise and experience gleaned from his forty plus years as a student of our instrument is encapsulated in this book. It is a must read for all professional and aspiring musicians – I will be learning from John for years to come”
    Branford Marsalis – Three-time Grammy award-winning saxophonist and composer
  • “The Saxophone is a work of art, combining scientific research with a balanced and poetic presentation. John gives fantastic advice on learning methods which can be adapted to any age, level and need – musicians, amateur or professional will find the answers to all their questions here”
    Claude Delangle – Professor of Saxophone, CNSM, Paris
  • “It’s a beast of a book, and will take prime position in my teaching studio for ever! A new perspective! Wonderful!”
    Snake Davis – Saxophonist with George Michael, Ray Charles, Culture Club, Tina Turner, Take That, Pet Shop Boys, Motorhead
  • “This is the most original approach I’ve ever seen – it’s like Einstein’s Grand Unified Theory”
    Ted Hegvik – Master Saxophonist, Seattle, USA (The Legacy of Rudy Weidoeft)
  • “John’s scholarly and artful scientific method is marked by formidable research and a passionate commitment to new and revolutionary techniques that open the door to a truly symbiotic relationship with your saxophone.”
    Tommy Smith – Saxophonist, composer and Director of Jazz, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
  • “It’s like having all the secrets of the saxophone in one book”
    Jess Gillam – Finalist, BBC Young Musician of the Year
  • “John Harle’s saxophone sound has sailed through the largest concert halls in the world like the voice of a world-class singer – possibly as close as any player has come to the sound of the human voice. John generously reveals all about the saxophone in his book and offers a new direction in playing that will resound through generations to come. It is a work of genius from the genius of the saxophone, and is testimony to this great player’s unique place in the history his instrument”
    Ashley Stafford – singer and vocal coach




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