Joe Harriott

I heard Joe Harriott play alongside Amancio D’Silva around 1970, in the unlikely setting of Worthing’s then new bowling alley, and not long before Harriott’s untimely and destitute death. A great player, with soul, imagination and integrity.

Having recently bought Tony Kofi’s Selmer Super Balanced Action alto sax (1950 vintage), I’m delighted to hear from Brighton’s legend of sax renovation, Rupert Noble, that Joe Harriott is playing the same model in these photos: ‘how i know?? non linked Bflat table key and that it has detachable bell (unlike a balanced action which looks similar at a glance)…’

The mouthpiece is a Brilhart Tonalin.



Hum Dono

Joe Harriott – Jazz File Documentary

Birth: Jul. 15, 1928
Kingston, Jamaica
Death: 1973
Hampshire, England
Jazz Musician. Born Joseph Arthurlin Harriott.
Bitterne, Holy Saviour Churchyard
Southampton Unitary Authority
Hampshire, England

Joe Harriott’s epitath
Parker? There’s them over here can play a few aces too.

Unsung jazz hero remembered


Joe Harriott: Fire in His Soul
by Alan Robertson

Joe Harriott: Sketches from Life
by Stella Muirhead






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